Longevity: Live better, Feel younger

LABO Spa has been leading longevity since 2005. We continually seek and critique state-of-the-art therapies from around the world that will improve your health and quality of life. Our clients deserve the most highly effective treatments backed by evidence-based research and results.

Science and technology are advancing rapidly. We know the primary causes of disease and aging are inherent in our bodies – more specifically, within our approximate 75 trillion cells. The latest epigenetic research indicates our health is determined by 20% genetics and 80% lifestyle. This statistic may surprise, but it can also empower. We can only change what we control, and it is inspiring to realise we have much greater control than we thought over our health and the quality of our existence.

So, what can we do? We all know the fundamentals – sufficient sleep, a balanced diet and regular exercise provide the foundation for keeping us fit, vital and pain-free for longer. Every time we open our phone or browse any media, we are inundated with a staggering array of solutions to help us look younger and live longer. But which method actually works?

What is the most effective way to live better for longer and to feel younger immediately?