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Skin Nourishment
nourishing body treatment

Nourish out-of-condition skin with an intensive salt and coffee peeling, combined with the sensual fragrance of exotic flowers during a whole-body treatment. The hydrating and mineralizing marine algae and body butter leave your skin velvety and truly conditioned. A scalp and face massage dissolves tension, so that both mind and body are rejuvenated. Your skin has never felt so amazing.
This treatment can be combined with a massage to create a full body relaxing experience.

60 min. / 165.-
90 min. incl. massage / 225.-

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Body treatments

Detox Reviver
invigorating detox
60 min. / 165.-
90 min. incl. massage / 225.-
Tired and exhausted? This treatment is the perfect pick-me-up. The use of brushes stimulates blood circulation. A peeling refines the pores and prepares the body ideally for the next step: an invigorating and detoxifying body pack in a floating bed. At the same time, pressure points on the feet are stimulated to support the body’s metabolic function. You will feel invigorated and full of energy.

Reshape Regimen
anti-cellulite program
12  treatments & home care products / 1’900.-
Our anti-cellulite program lasts for 6 weeks. Each week consists of a body treatment and lymph drainage focusing on the problem zones. This comprehensive and consistent regimen with powerful ocean and plant extracts helps free you from excess fat. You achieve optimum results: your slender figure is recovered, your body feels noticeably firmer, and your skin is more refined and elastic.

Body Sculpt
firming treatment
90 min. / 230.-
A sea salt exfoliation and a detoxifying massage of the specific problem zones helps prepare the body for the purifying and slimming effects of the algae pack. An anti-cellulite cream is massaged into the skin to finish up the treatment. The body’s metabolism is stimulated and the structure of the skin is refined, leaving the body firm and toned.

De-Stressing Soother
relaxing treatment
60 min. / 165.-
90 min. incl. massage / 225.-
Leave the demands and challenges of a busy life at the door with this anti-stress treatment. With a polishing scrub and a wrap, the focus is on relaxation. A specially selected combination of frankincense, chamomile and rosemary essential oils calms the mind and conditions the skin. The warmth and weightlessness you experience in our floating bed, completely relax the body and soul and prepare you for the stresses of daily life.
This treatment can be combined with a massage to create a full body relaxing experience.

New Mother
cocooning for the new mother
60 min. / 165.-
90 min. incl. massage / 225.-
Give your skin some special attention after the stresses of pregnancy with this nourishing, and regenerative treatment. A finely ground olive stone peeling polishes the skin, rose essential oil encourages cell renewal and a hydrating wrap on our heated floating bed deeply nourishes your skin and soul. An Ayurveda scalp massage has a calming effect and promotes healthy hair growth.
This treatment can be combined with a massage to create a full body relaxing experience.

Back Bone
back treatment
45 min. / 120.-
Let your back breathe! A deep cleansing enzyme exfoliation prepares the irritated skin for a purifying mask. Highly purified fruit acids support cell regeneration and smooth the skin. For best results, recommended as an ongoing regimen.

Enhance your state of well-being with a bathing ritual
+30 Min. / 60.-
Can only be combined with a Body treatment.

We reserve the right to modify prices at any time.