Permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal with diode laser

Thanks to the latest technology of “Primelase”, we can treat hair in all areas of the body practically painless with our diode laser. Hair removal is performed with very short pulses and with high energy. The constant temperature of 5 C at the tip of the handpiece ensures safe and pleasant treatment. We offer the treatment for all clients without restriction based on skin type, hair type and season with maximum effectiveness and safety.

Upper lip or chin 100.-
Upper lip and chin 160.-
Lower facial zone from 200.- to 300.-
Underarms 150.-
Upper arm, lower arm or arm from 180.- to 300.-
Hands or feet 80.-
Chest and belly from 200.- to 420.-
Nipple 150.-
Upper back 200.-
Whole back with shoulder 320.-
Half leg or whole leg from 280.- to 550.-
Bikini (normal, brazilian or complete) from 170.- to 270.
Buttocks from 200.- to 250.-