Pure Delight
blissful ritual
2 h 15 min. / 350.-
This treatment is an all-round sensual cocooning pleasure. Enjoy a pampering, personalized facial treatment. Let the scent of essential oils wrap you up while enjoying a massage with warm lava stones for total relaxation and wellbeing.
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Clear Mind
anti-stress ritual
1 h 30 Min. / 230.-
Calm a stressed and restless mind with a refreshing yet soothing experience for body, mind and soul. This treatment begins with a foot and leg peeling followed by a traditional aromatherapy massage with a blend of chamomile, petit grain and rosemary. A relaxing Ayurveda scalp and facial massage bring your thoughts back into balance. Resulting in more relaxed and clear thoughts.
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relaxing pampering ritual
2 h / 300.-
An experience that stimulates all your senses to boost your emotional wellbeing, while treating your body to nurturing hands-on therapy. An aroma bath, a soft leg and foot peeling, a body, scalp and face massage restore emotional balance and radiance, inside and out. A facial massage that guarantees you mental harmony.
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Mahina Meli
Hawaiian experience
2 h / 330.- for 1 person
2 h / 550.- for 2 persons
This Hawaiian ritual is a treat for body and soul. A coconut foot scrub and exotic flower bath gently prepares you for a fascinating massage experience. Soothing hands, long wave-like massage strokes and gentle joint-loosening will put you in a state of profound relaxation. Enjoy the aloha spirit!
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Tong Mae Kong
dream journey to Thailand
2 h 15 min. / 330.- for 1 person
2 h 15 min. / 550.- for 2 persons
Get to know the Thai wellness tradition. A body scrub of sea salt mixed with essential oils of orange, rice bran and nutmeg cleans and moisturizes your skin. Afterwards, you can relax in an oil bath, followed by the pure enjoyment of an Aroma-Thai massage. You’ll walk out relaxed and calm, as if you’d just returned from a short break to Asia.
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Tropical Breeze
the cooling of an ocean Thai-Breeze
90 Min. / 230.-
Immerse and let yourself be refreshed by the exquisite cooling Asian peppermint, thyme and eucalyptus essential oils. This full-body ocean treat (peeling) combined with a Thai-Acupressure-Massage will put you in a vacation mood.
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Be My Valentine
ritual for lovers
1 h 30 min. / 390.- for 2 persons
A relaxing, bathing ritual, followed by a sensually fragrant aromatherapy massage in our suite for two. Cocooning and bliss for lovers.
Can also be booked as friendship ritual.
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Garden of Eden
Paradise on earth
2 h 15 min. / 550.- for 2 persons
Experience the fascination of this ritual together with your partner. An exotic coffee exfoliation, an intensive moisturizing Tuberose and Ylang Ylang wrap and a pampering aromatherapy massage for your body, leaving you relaxed yet uplifted. A bathing ritual completes this luxury cocooning. All your senses are tantalized.
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Aloha Spirit
fascinating Hawaiian experience
90 Min. / 230.-
Forget everything around you and experience an intense connection with nature. Inspired from the Hawaiian culture, this treatment indulges body, mind & soul. You will be transported into a state of deep relaxation. (Body peeling & Massage)
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