Permanent hair removal with diode laser

Thanks to the latest technology of “Primelase”, we can treat hair in all areas of the body practically painless with our diode laser. Hair removal is performed with very short pulses and with high energy. The constant temperature of 5 C at the tip of the handpiece ensures safe and pleasant treatment. We offer the treatment for all clients without restriction based on skin type, hair type and season with maximum effectiveness and safety.

Upper lip or chin 100.-
Upper lip and chin 160.-
Lower facial zone from 200.- to 300.-
Under arms 150.-
Upper arm, lower arm or arm from 180.- to 300.-
Hands or feet 80.-
Chest and belly from 200.- to 420.-
Upper back 200.-
Whole back with shoulder 300.-
Half leg or whole leg from 280.- to 550.-
Bikini (normal, brazilian or complete) from 170.- to 270.-


Lash Lifting
50 min. / CHF 150.-
incl. tinting and conditioner for more shine
The lash lifting gives your natural eyelashes a beautiful curl that makes your eyes appear bigger and your lashes appear fuller and longer. Your natural eyelashes will be lifted, fixed and tinted with an innovative, harmless technique and cared for by the application of a lash conditioner. The effect lasts for approximately 6 weeks. Suitable for all eyelash lengths.
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Pedicure & Manicure

Manicure for her    50 min. / 95.-            Deluxe 60 min. / 110.-
An integrated beauty and pampering program for your hands: Revitalizing hand bath, professional manicure including nail polish of your choice (regular nail polish, OPI infinite Shine or OPI Gel Color). In the 60 min. deluxe manicure you will be additionally pampered with a smoothing peeling and a moisturizing mask and massage.
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Men’s Manicure      45 min. / 85.-
Hydration and suppleness for your hands, in no time at all. Exfoliation, massage and nail care for well-groomed masculine hands.
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Rescue Manicure   50 min. / 125.-
Care program for weakened and damaged nails. A transparent strengthening nail polish intensively restores and cares for the nails. You can take this nail polish home to continue the intensive cure as post treatment.
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Pedicure for her     50 min. / 105.-          Deluxe 65 min. / 125.-
The all-around pampering program for stressed feet: footbath, cleansing and smoothing exfoliation, moisturizing mask, and foot massage, followed by a professional pedicure including nail polish (regular nail polish, OPI infinite Shine or OPI Gel Color). In the 65 min. Deluxe Pedicure you will be additionally pampered with a smoothing peeling and a moisturizing mask and massage.
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Men’s Pedicure      50 min. / 105.-
This comprehensive foot treatment is a real blessing for stressed masculine feet: Footbath, exfoliation and nail care combined with a relaxing and moisturizing foot massage.
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Go French +20.-

OPI Gel Color Removal +18.-


Upper lip33.-38.-
Lower facial zone88.-93.-
Lower arms44.-49.-
Halbes Bein66.-77.-
Whole leg110.-110.-
Bikini brazilian / complete110.-120.-
Chest (for him)from 66.-from 71.-
Shoulders (for him)44.-49.-
Back (for him)from 88.-from 93.-

20% discount on waxing service if combined with a facial Treatment.


Eyelash tint45.-
Eyebrow tint38.-
Eyebrow tint & shape55.-
Eyelash tint & eyebrow shape66.-
Eyelash & eyebrow tint66.-
Eyelash & eyebrow tint & Shape82.-

Special discount if combined with a facial treatment.

We reserve the right to modify prices at any time.