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The HydraFacial treatment gives your skin uniformity, firmness and more elasticity – your complexion will shine again!

This special procedure combines peeling, deep cleansing and dermal infusion with antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid, all provided in one treatment.

A non-invasive miracle weapon which is also effective against wrinkles, clogged and dilated pores, oily skin, acne and hyperpigmentation.

This treatment can be applied to all skin types.

From 220.-

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Personalized solution for your Skin
60 Min. / CHF 165.-
90 Min. / CHF 230.-

Your skin care is not about what you did yesterday, but instead about what you do today. The appropriate treatment and product for a specific skin type can dramatically improve one’s skin and reduce aging signs. That is why we offer tailor-made solutions for best results.

Choose our holistic facial. Let us know how much time you have and we will take care of the rest. The beautician will take an in-depth medical history and conduct a
skin analysis and with this knowledge determine what treatment will meet your skin needs.

For over 10 years, we have worked with renowned beauty partners, such as Yon-Ka, SwissLine, and MedBeauty. The unique ingredients in their products have been vital in achieving positive results.

Acupuncture Face Lift
45min / CHF 145.-       (From March until End of Mai 2019 – every Tuesday & Wednesday)
The beauty secret of many celebrities is not the use of Botox, but rather a completely natural form of firming. The use of ultra-fine needles stimulates cell renewal and activates collagen so that the muscles become tightened. This ¨acupuncture face lift¨ treats weakened connective tissue and wrinkles, not only does it treat the cause, but the symptoms as well.
We also recommend this treatment as a cure.

Seasonal Delight
luxury facial for her
105 min. / 250.-

This indulgent and all comprehensive “Ultimate facial” is adapted to your skin’s changing needs through the seasons of the year, with a varying selection of products and aromas. Relax in the overindulgent fragrance of heavenly oils and unwind with an extensive décolleté, neck and foot massage.

Needling Pen
skin tightening & rejuvenation
from 250.-

In the needling process many tiny microchannels are created by the hair-thin needles. Through these channels, the skin reaches up to 3000 times higher absorption of active ingredients and the skin’s own natural ability to produce collagen is enhanced. Depending on skin condition and needs, the appropriate cocktail of active ingredients is chosen. The skin renewal is activated. Tension, vitality, elasticity and firmness of the skin are improved. Wrinkles are smoothed and blood circulation is increased. The skin becomes visibly even and firmer.
⦁ Build-up of collagen and elastin
⦁ Increase skin density and elasticity
⦁ Reduction of wrinkles
⦁ Reduction of acne scars and other scars
⦁ Reduction of pigmentary disorders

Facial lymph Drainage
regenerating face massage for her & him
30 min / 80.-

With gentle rhythmic movements along the lymphatics, the face and skin can be cleansed of harmful substances and help support the regeneration of the skin. By stimulating the connective tissue and muscles, there is an increased blood flow to your face resulting in a glowing appearance.

Back Bone
back treatment for her & him
45 min. / 120.-

Let your back breathe! A deep cleansing enzyme exfoliation prepares the irritated skin for a purifying mask. Highly purified fruit acids support cell regeneration and smooth the skin. For best results, recommended as an ongoing regimen.

Décolleté treatment available on request

We reserve the right to modify prices at any time.