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Experience the healing effect of Asian aromatherapy during a restorative full body massage with lemongrass oil, in combination with relaxing acupressure. Your body and soul will set forth on a journey of total relaxation and complete wellbeing.

60 min. / 155.-     90 min. / 215.-




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60 min. / 155.-     90 min. / 215.-

A treatment tailored for you. Skillful massage and kneading movements loosen any perceptible tension, using aromatherapy massage oils of your choice.

60 min. / 160.-     90 min. / 225.-

Your energy deficits and tension will fade away as you feel the unique touch of this experience, based on the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi technique. Long wave-like massage strokes and gentle joint-loosening will put you in a state of profound relaxation. A perfect quick escape from the day’s stress for your body and soul.

Cupping Massage
60 min. / 155.-     90 min. / 215.-

From ancient times until today cupping has been used by many cultures as a means for achieving better health and provides numerous benefits.
The purpose of cupping is to enhance circulation, help relieve pain, remove “heat” and pull out the toxins that linger in your body’s tissues.
If you seek relief from stress, pain, allergies, fatigue, flue, colds, back pain, anxiety or muscle aches, let our practitioners take you on a journey to explore the benefits of the cupping art.

Back in Shape
60 min. / 155.-

Put an end to tension and pain in your back and neck. This intensive aromatherapy focuses on your back, neck and shoulders. The deep massage with warm essential oils relaxes and unlocks your muscles, bringing you back on track.

Lymph Drainage
60 min. / 155.-   90 min. / 215.-

This gentle massage activates the lymphatic system and removes accumulative fluid blockages from the tissues. The lymph drainage is effective to decongest and purify the lymph-vessels, making it an ideal treatment to help with heavy, tired legs, migraines and cellulite. Blockages are washed away, leaving you feeling light and breezy.

60 Min. / 160.-     90 Min. / 225.-

A gentle Ayurveda whole body massage with warm oils that are infused with herbs give the body harmony and relaxation. This holistic method is beneficial for the nervous system and relaxes the muscles and organs. A deep relaxation for the body and spirit.

Thai Deep Tissue
60 Min. / 155.-     90 Min. / 215.-

This reviving deep tissue oil massage combines a unique blend of Thai and Asian healing techniques. The deep work into the muscle tissue relieves and heals muscular pain. Highly recommended for active people or after any sport activity.

Foot reflexology
60 min. / 155.-

Balance and relaxation through a holistic energetic massage. This technique improves the digestive system and organs function by massaging reflex points on the sole of the foot and stimulates the self-healing powers. Blockages are released by stimulating the metabolism and in combination with a deep relaxation of the entire nervous system, your body is brought back into balance.

60 min. / 155.-     90 min. / 215.-

A gentle and relaxing pregnancy massage that alleviates muscle tension and pain, relieves swelling of the limbs and promotes a general feeling of contentment. Pamper yourself – and your baby too. Can only be booked from the 4th month of pregnancy.

Stone Therapy
90 min. / 225.-

Cocooning for body and soul. Warm, curved lava stones combined with flowing massage movements have a calming and balancing effect on the entire body. A treatment for well-being that will help to release tensions and, through the pleasant warmth and combination of soothing aromatherapy, will have a holistic effect on body and mind.

90 min. / 225.-

The path to tranquility – this Thai anti-stress massage releases physical and spiritual tension. Your body is gently soothed with a warm herbal poultice and a warm oil massage as well. It leaves you in a meditative state.

Hot Stone Back Massage
60 Min. / 160.-

Through the warmth of the lava stones, heat penetrates deep into the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. This also creates increased oxygen to the cells and tissues and loosens the tension in the muscles. This extremely relaxing massage is concentrated on the back, neck and shoulder area.

Inner Strength
60 min. / 160.-     90 min. / 225.-

This treatment is designed to support you, emotionally and physically, through difficult times. The combination of acupressure and the therapeutic blend of chosen essential oils deeply comfort, balance emotions and fortify physical strength. The head massage and warm compresses release tension and will deliver a deep sense of peace when it’s needed most.

Enhance your state of well-being with one of the following treatments

Bathing ritual   +30 Min. / 60.-
Body peeling (seasalt or olive stone)   +30 Min. / 80.-
Body wrap (algae) +30 Min. / 85.-
Can only be booked in combination with a massage.

We reserve the right to modify prices at any time.