City Detox

Our 5-day detox cure consists of a nutritional program combined with energetic and detoxifying treatments that serve to rebalance blood circulation and energy flows.
In the detox nutrition program, we work with professional chef Alexandra, who specializes in plant-based cuisine. The clean eating program consists of 100% natural, plant-based and organic wholefoods.
The combination of detoxifying body treatments, lymphatic drainage and a targeted detox nutrition program will leave your body feeling tighter and make your skin feel fresh and more relaxed – look forward to a new well-being and more vitality.

• 5 daily deliveries of ready meals including a nutritious breakfast, full lunch and cleansing dinner

The daily package also includes an immune-boosting shot, a power snack and supplements to support intestinal health.

• 2 purifying body treatments (one hour each) with highly effective marine and plant extracts to help get rid of unnecessary superfluous flab

• 2 lymphatic drainages (one hour each) that activate your lymphatic system and remove fluid retention from the tissues

• 1 detoxifying tea that will accompany you throughout the day

Price (all inclusive): CHF 1’015, –

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