Lash Lifting

The lash lifting gives your natural eyelashes a beautiful curl that makes your eyes appear bigger and your lashes appear fuller and longer.


Eyebrow microblading is an ancient Asian technique. It is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment using a small blade dipped in pigment to create hair-thin strokes that blend in with and enhance your natural eyebrow.

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Lash Lifting

45 min. / CHF 150.-
incl. tinting and conditioner for more shine

The lash lifting gives your natural eyelashes a beautiful curl that makes your eyes appear bigger and your lashes appear fuller and longer. Your natural eyelashes will be lifted, fixed and tinted with an innovative, harmless technique and cared for by the application of a lash conditioner. The effect lasts for approximately 6 weeks. Suitable for all eyelash lengths.


Microblading Pigmentation (including follow up-treatment)  650.-
Touch up treatment (within 12 to 14 month)                        280.-

Color is pigmented into the eyebrows by hand with a pencil. Single, fine strokes in the form of hairs are worked into the skin with gentle pressure. The cuts are so fine that the drawn hairs can hardly be distinguished from the real hairs. It creates a so called 3-D effect resulting in a very natural appearance. The result lasts up to 2 years. For a long-lasting result, microblading pigmentation should be refreshed after 12 months.

Pedicure & Manicure

Spa Manicure
60 min. / 105.-
An integrated beauty and pampering program for your hands: Revitalizing hand bath, exfoliation, relaxing and hydrating massage, professional manicure including nail polish.

Spa Pedicure
60 min. / 115.-
The all-around pampering program for stressed feet: Footbath, cleansing and smoothing exfoliation, moisturizing mask, and foot massage, followed by a professional pedicure including nail polish.

Ultimate Mani for him
35 min. / 60.-
Hydration and suppleness for your hands, in no time at all. Exfoliation, massage and nail care for well-groomed masculine hands.

Ultimate Pedi for him
45 min. / 95.-
This comprehensive foot treatment is a real blessing for stressed masculine feet: Footbath, exfoliation and nail care combined with a relaxing and moisturizing foot massage.

Extras for hands & feet

Go french+20.-
OPI Gel Color+10.-
OPI Infinite Shine+ 5.-
OPI Gel Color Removal+15.-


Standard waxSugaring
Upper lip30.-35.-
Lower facial zone80.-85.-
Lower arms40.-45.-
Half leg60.-70.-
Whole leg100.-110.-
Bikini brazilian / complete100.-110.-
Chest (for him)from 60.-from 65.-
Shoulders (for him)40.-45.-
Back (for him)from 80.-from 85.-

20% discount on waxing service if combined with a facial Treatment.

Permanent hair removal

This treatment is available in footlounge by LABO Spa.


Eyelash tint40.-
Eyebrow tint35.-
Eyebrow tint & shape50.-
Eyelash tint & eyebrow shape60.-
Eyelash & eyebrow tint60.-
Eyelash & eyebrow tint & Shape75.-

Special discount if combined with a facial treatment.

We reserve the right to modify prices at any time.